Pioneer Interface 2, Rekordbox DVS Audio Interface & Control Vinyl


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Product information

The INTERFACE 2 opens up rekordbox dvs to anyone, anywhere. This 2-channel audio interface allows you to scratch and control the music from your rekordbox library using your own preferred DJ equipment. Connecting it is quick and simple.

What’s in the box? The INTERFACE 2 audio interface comes bundled with licence keys for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs, as well as 2 control vinyl (RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl records). So start scratching your digital tracks as soon as you unbox your gear.


  • High-quality club standard sound
  • Compact, robust chassis
  • LED’s indicate signal flow
  • Includes control vinyls
  • Includes Rekordbox DJ & DVS licences
  • Works as a stand-alone audio interface
  • Mains or USB powered
  • Large signal GND terminal

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