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  • Focusrite Scarlett Generation 2 Interfaces

    Scarlett Generation 2 is here!

    Focusrite Scarlett’s have become the best selling audio interfaces in the world and they have now upgraded the range with the new Scarlett audio interface generation 2 range. So what have they added/improved on?

    • A new faster recording speed - 24 bit 192 KHZ - 
    • Lower latency will mean overall smoother monitoring and much less lag, so no delayed, out of synch monitoring when your recording live instruments or vocals, it does this with an app to manage buffering and improve latency with an app that manages the buffering. 
    • Linear gain structure meaning more input gain control and the inputs have now been redesigned to better receive hot pick up signals, so no nasty gains (more headroom). 
    • Analog protection circuitry will protect the Scarlett from power surges such as Phantom Power surges. Power optimisation for laptops so you wont lose power on cheaper laptops and tablets with an  app that manages the power that the usb interface uses. 
    • A New look, a brighter and a stronger aesthetic with more metal components and solid rubber feet for maximum stability. 
    • New look studio pack design, slicker headphone design to match the new new Scarlett look!
    • Focusrite Control gives the user absolute control with an app for managing input and output preferences and lots more (2i2 and 2i4 will not have this)

    On top of this the Scarlett will come with a wide range of new Software features and support including -  Protools witch will come with extra plug ins for instrumental recording like Eleven lite with is a real life guitar amp emulator. Also 2GB of loop master samples and access to Avid Marketplace to expand your range of plugins.

    The new Scarlett Gen 2 range will be accessible for the beginner and professional alike, offering an incredible amount of workflow and safety features plus an overall better functionality. 

    New features summary

    • 24 bit 192 kHz
    • Low latency 2.74ms
    • more even gain structure
    • instrument input redesigned for hot pickups
    • Analogue protection circuitry to stop power surges
    • New metal gain controls
    • Sleeker chassis
    • Focusrite Control – for 6i6 and higher
    • Redesigned headphones and microphones for studio packs

    New Software Bundle summary

    • Red 2 & 3
    • Softube Time and Tone
    • Ableton Live
    • Pro Tools First | First Focusrite Creative pack includes Pro Tools First software and the following 12 free plug-ins : Eleven Lite / In-Tune digital tuner / Black Op Distortion / Flanger / Vibe Phaser / Roto Speaker / Tape Echo / Studio Reverb / Gray Compressor / Sc-Fi Ring Modulator / Vari-Fi speed shifter / Graphic EQ
    • Bass Station
    • 2GB loopmasters sounds and samples


  • The best DJ equipment online: All In One Units

    Digital DJ Music bring you the next generation of DJ solution: the All In One DJ system. Perfect for all skill levels from touring DJs to beginners and anyone looking to move into professional DJ booths; these innovative pieces of DJ kit eliminate the need for a laptop when performing - giving you access to music and beat-matching all in one place.

    We've got a selection from 3 of the biggest names in DJ equipment for you to browse, take a look at the features and fantastic prices to step up your DJ game.

    Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ System

    The PIONEER XDJ-RX features two separate digital players, a mixer and an inbuilt 7-inch LCD colour monitor. Specifically designed for Rekordbox DJ software, you can play back pre-prepared tracks via USB.  Professional 4 Sound Colour FX and eight Beat Effects at the simple twist of a knob, as well as Slip Mode, Hot Cue and the new Loop Slice feature. 

    Price: £1,149.00 

    Pioneer DJ

    Numark CD Mix USB

    Popular with both the touring DJ and as the ideal installation for bars and small venues; the Numark CD Mix is capable of playing back directly from CD or USB flash drives for added convenience. Each player section has an ergonomic design for cueing audio, as well as pitch faders, transport controls and LCD display. 

    Price: £349.00

    numark dj

    Denon MCX8000 Standalone DJ Player and Controller

    Take command of the DJ booth with the all new standalone Denon MCX8000. Transform an ordinary set into a full festival experience using two hi-definition display screens. You can now control Denon DJ’s revolutionary standalone Engine 1.5 software and Serato DJ with ergonomic precision.

    digital DJ denon

    Price: £899.00

  • Where do I host my music online?

    For any new or established DJ or music producer, it's important to give your audiences the chance to hear your music. Whether that's through live shows, recorded albums or hosting online - the more your mixes or new tunes are heard, the more well-known you become and the greater the chance of being asked to play a set at some of your favourite clubs and festivals.

    When it comes to online hosting, we know there are often too many options to choose from - so in this post we take you through 5 varied hosting platforms to give you a better of idea of what will work for you and your music.

    1) Soundcloud 

    Soundcloud is now the leading platform for music producers and DJs around the world. Their free account allows you 3 hours worth of space to upload mixes and songs, with a professional account costing you £35 a year with added hours and benefits. One slight issue is that Soundcloud allows downloads, which has resulted in a number of copyright infringements so be sure to do your research before up and downloading tunes.


    Image source: Labeled for reuse here 

    2) Mixcloud 

    Mixcloud does not allow downloads, whilst the initial model for the platform was quite unattractive; it does offer lectures, radio shows and compulsory track listing.  Track lists are revealed as the mix is listened to, giving all DJs more of a chance to showcase their music and their mixing skills without the file being skipped through. Free versions of the platform allow unlimited up and downloads with adverts, however professional accounts are available starting at £49.99. 

    mixcloud dj mix

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    3) Beatport Mixes

    Beatport Mixes was designed to offer DJs the chance to create and sell their own mixes online. You can create your mix using tracks from the Beatport store along with mixes from the original DJ. Using formats like WAV, mp3 and AIFF with no limited number of uploads allowed, you are then able to earn royalty payments based on visitors buying your mix; this structure has opened up a new world for budding DJs. 


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    4) YouTube

    The original website for personal videos and now a powerhouse of individual and commercial tunes and mixes, YouTube is a great idea for uploading your music. This is ultimately a video platform, so not only will you receive comments and track requests from the viewers - it may be worth videoing yourself actually mixing to create in a club or house party, to get more of a buzz around you and your style. 

    youtube dj mix

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    One of the old favourites, has been online since 2001. Its method is to upload just five new mixes a month, instead of thousands which can essentially overwhelm listeners. You have the option to stream or download the mix and its artwork to burn onto a CD - very oldskool. More suited to non-specific genre mixes, it gives you the chance to create truly bespoke sets and save them as needed.

     boombox dj mix

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  • The top 5 free apps for karaoke singing

    You no longer have to deny it, this is a safe place. You love karaoke.

    Are we wrong? Okay we believe you, there is a chance you don't... but an equally undeniable chance that you know someone who loves it. Friends or family, colleagues or strangers - one of us is bound to request a microphone and a lyric book at the first sign of freedom. 

    Whether you like to sing on your own at home or host your own X Factor live final parties with the latest in DJ equipment; belting out your favourite song has never been easier with our top quality, affordable microphones and a new wave of karaoke apps available for smartphones.

    We've compiled a list of the top 5 free apps for you to test out alone or with friends, get those vocal chords warmed up and let the battles begin. 

    1) Music Karaoke

    One of the best karaoke apps on the market, not only is it free of charge but it also has no song limit - so you can keep singing until your vocal chords give out. New songs are added daily, so even if your favourite isn't there one week - it may not be long until it is. With a high score to be earned and easy-to-use interface - it's perfect for all the family and a Saturday night in winner. 


    2) Sing! Karaoke by Smule

    Setting itself apart from standard sing along karaoke devices - Sing! comes with sound effects to give your voice the edge. You can enhance your normal vocals, sing in duets or even duets. For those that take their singing more seriously, you can even record yourself singing in a video and share the results to social media. 


    3) Tone Deaf Test: Musical ear quiz

    Time to prove them all wrong; if you've ever been worried about whether you were tone deaf or consistently out of tune - then this app will let you know for sure. The test is based on the website and is 3 minutes long with an interactive quiz and tips, tricks and hints on how to sing better. Remember - just because someone can't sing does not mean they're tone deaf. 


    4) StarMaker: Sing Karaoke + Auto-tune & video 

    With real-time auto-tune, this app lets you sing whilst it perfects the final outcome. No longer do you need to feel embarrassed about not hitting a certain note, this app will make sure you sound professional at every stage of the song. Each of your favourite songs comes with the right backing track and scrolling lyrics, and better still - the more you sing, the more of the app you unlock. 


    5) Sing Me Something

    This unique app gives something extra than just the standard sing-along function; you can create a game that lets your opponents guess the song you just sang! Record yourself singing a few lyrics and send that recording to your friends - if they don't know it, then you win. There are in-app purchases should you wish to take it more seriously, but it helps add another dimension to simple karaoke singing.


    Keep in touch with your musical progress, we'd love know how well you do - if you have any questions about supporting live equipment then please get in touch. 



  • 7 tips on how to choose a pair of DJ headphones

    One of the most important bits of DJ kit you can own is a set of DJ headphones. In order to mix well during a set, create your own music or simply listen to your favourite tune on the way to work - the right pair of headphones will only enhance your experience.

    As a DJ;  your headphones will need to fulfill a varying set of needs, so we've complied the main aspects to consider before you make a purchase.


    1. Comfort

    You will be wearing your headphones for hours, so you need to make sure they feel good on your ears and when they hang around your neck. Check that the lead doesn't catch on you or the equipment too as they need to be easy to take on and off throughout your sets.

    2. Closed back

    Closed back headphones have casing around the ear pieces rather than open - this makes sure that external noise is as isolated as much as possible from what you need to listen to in the headphones. DJ's need to be able to hear the song they have queuing, as well as limit the damage to ears from the external bass. 

    3. Are they loud? 

    Clubs are going to be louder than your home studio, you'll need to make sure that the headphones you buy are loud enough so that you can hear your own music over the external beats. 


    4. Cheap does not last

    Your headphones will (hopefully) be in frequent use, there's a very high chance you will drop them, tread on them, throw them in and out of your bag - and the fact is, the cheaper your headphones are, the more cheaply they were made - so be wary that they may not last longer than a few gigs.

    5. How do you wear them?

    The most common way for a DJ to use a set of headphones is with one ear on and one ear off so you can hear the song on the monitor and the next track to mix in. Many good brands of DJ headphones have the ability to spin one of the earpieces out of the way, this will really help your technique and posture throughout the night.


    6. Size does matter

    The jack input for the headphones has to be the right size. The size of an iPod plug is 1/8" and if you end up this size - you will need a converter for most DJ controllers. Look for 1/4" for a more universal size. 

    7. Get a bag for them

    Make sure your headphones are portable; especially if you are gigging up and down the country you should invest in a headphones bag to secure them in during transit. 


  • Brighten up your January with DJ lighting

    Blue Monday has been and gone this week, and although we are slowly edging toward spring - we still have a long way to go before the sun is shining longer than a mere 8 hours a day.

    We want you to have a bright and colourful Winter; what better way to banish the blues than with our brilliant selection of DJ lighting? From moving heads to haze and smoke - we have a variety of lighting suitable for all house parties, club nights or even just a DJ set up in your home studio. 

    Take a look and what we have to offer; keep the lights on and your spirits up with Digital DJ Music. 

    KAM KSM2000 Smoke machine with fluid £149.00 

    The Kam KSM2000 is high powered horizontal smoke machine with DMX controll, 2.5 litre tank and comes with 4 litres of fluid.


    KAM text beam 300 text laser with animations & effects £279.00

    Create rolling, scrolling, animated laser text with personalised messages for your audience, including fun animations and effects. 


    KAM XY laser GBC/RGB/RGY  £129/£125/£109

    Innovative new lasers that incorporate unique technology to recreate different coloured lighting effects: prices vary according to colour. 


    Laser World EL-100RG Micro IR laser with remote £42.40

    The Laserworld EL-100RG Micro IR is a star effect laser with a total output power of up to 100mW. 


    KAM COB party bar with wireless footswitch controller £199.00

    High power professional grade all-in-one COB LED lighting system with built-in strobes and wireless footswitch control. 


    KAM Moonglow DMX V2 rotating LED disco effect £30.00 

    The Kam Moonglow DM V2 has been updated to include new colours. This little beauty gives off multiple crisp bright beams from its high LED power. 


    KAM infinity beam £169.00 

    Room-filling beams from 8 multi-colour heads to choose from all using adjustable bracket for stands, rigs and ceilings. 


  • How to protect your DJ gear

    Your DJ equipment will undoubtedly be the most important aspect of  your career as a DJ - and ironically the most dangerous place you can take all of your kit will be out and about to your gigs. From wedding receptions to Ibiza club nights, DJ gear is precious and who knows what could happen when left in a vulnerable DJ booth... surrounded by drinks, glow sticks and wandering hands! Perish the thought.

    Never fear music lovers - we’ve come up with some great ideas on how to maintain control of your kit, keep your equipment safe and make it home with you in one piece. 

    1) Buy protection

    As simple as it may sound,  you'd be surprised as the amount of DJs that turn up to gigs with their mixer under their arm. This is not best practice for keeping your gear safe in transit. Whether you buy a decksaver, gig bag or flight case, protect the device as best you can between uses using the correct case or bag to avoid any unfortunate (yet avoidable) incidents.


    2) Check out the DJ booth

    It's important to know that if you are playing a new venue, or you've never seen the DJ booth before whether you need to make any adjustment to your set up - this could mean bringing certain styles of gear or lighting etc. Try and head down the night before to scope it out. This booth will be your home for the next evening, so you need to make sure it feels like it.

    3) Elevate your gear

    If possible, the ideal set up would be to have your gear elevated away from the booth table. This not only gives you easier access to your DJ controllers - your kit is also safely out of reach from drink spillages or any other hazards. You can buy controller and laptop stands that are easy to transport directly online with us or in our DJ store. 


    image credit:

    4) Be a booth dictator

    Don't be afraid to be vigilant and controlling over who and what comes into the booth when you occupy it. Try to make friends with the club security too, they will be able to watch your area for you and control how close patrons, and their drinks, can get to you. 

    5) Make a pack down list

    In the hustle and bustle of a busy club whilst having to quickly set up or take down your kit for the next DJ or if you're feeling tired after close at the end of a long night - there's a chance you can lose or forget to pack up certain items of your equipment. Make sure you write a list of everything you took with you, and go through confirming each item is secure before you set off home. 


    We hope this helps with your next gig! For any other equipment queries please get in touch with our team here

  • Novation & helloLIVE: Competition time!

    Novation and helloLIVE have launched an exciting new campaign - giving one lucky customer the electronic music experience of a life time.

    Would you like to spend a whole week in Berlin with helloLIVE surrounded by all the latest gear and being trained in electronic music production by experts? And that's not all - would you be up for showcasing your skills by performing in a top Berlin club? 

    What is it? 

    helloLIVE will fly the lucky winner of this competition to Berlin, and you'll spend a week on an intensive Ableton Live production and performance course at a purpose-built EMP lab and studio in Friedrichshain.

    You will also have the opportunity to attend unique workshops and artist's masterclasses at the magnificent Funkhaus and Riverside Studios - the venue of choice for internationally acclaimed producers and engineers. Finally - you'll perform your very own track live in a popular Berlin club. 

    During your training, you will of course have the chance to check out the city of Berlin. After all, you'll be staying in a private loft studio in the quirky suburb of Neukölln, so it would be a shame not to explore its creative studios, eccentric hangouts and independent art studios, as well as the famous Berlin nightlife! 


    How do I enter?

    Just register a Novation Launch product (new or old) and answer a very simple question. Once you've done that - we will soon contact the lucky winner!

    Visit the Novation Campaign page here for more information on how to enter. 

    Everyone is a winner!

    Sadly, only one lucky person can win this huge opportunity. However, 100 runners up will receive a complete online course into making music in Ableton Live, by Producertech - they can even choose which course they'd prefer for basic or advanced skill sets. 

    Better still - everybody who enters will receive a free Loopmasters sample pack.

    Key dates

      • 12th November 2015 competition started
      • 8th January 2016 competition ends
      • The winner will be notified by email by 22nd January 2016
      • Full results will be published by Focusrite on its social media channels by 26th February 2016
      • Failure to claim the prize by 4 weeks after notification may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.



    Terms and conditions are here

  • Want to know how to buy a Novation Audiohub half price?

    We're letting you in on a secret - for a limited time only Novation are promoting a great deal...

    Buy a Novation Audiohub 2x4 for just £79.99 until January 31st with the purchase of any Novation Launch Product!

    What do you have to do? 

    1.) Purchase any Launch product from us at Digital DJ Music and register it

    2.) Automatically receive an exclusive email that includes the offer details

    3) Complete the email form and await the delivery of your new Audiohub 

    It really is that easy to get the Ultimate Electronic Production hub for an amazing price, get in touch with our customer support team today to find out more. 


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