The massive success achieved by VOX in the 1960s laid the foundation for the legacy that continues to thrive nearly 60 years later. Many of the same amplifiers that artists relied on back then are still going strong today. Amplifiers like the AC4, AC15, and AC30 are still the most popular VOX products amongst guitarists seeking that classic chime.

We at Worcester Music Store love the Retro look, feel and sound of VOX amps and pedals. Vox gives a genuine feeling of being thrown back a few decades with there 60’s-70’s retro look and sound, mixing Analog valve and great quality digital sounds. We stock everything from there smaller portable busking amps up to full Valve gig ready combo amps.

The Vox AV30 boasts a 12AX7 valve with pre-amp and power amp options and great digital effects, perfect for recording or gigging!

We also stock Vox pedals like the Vox Lil’ Looper Multi effects pedal with features 2 independent loops with infinite overdubbing, 12 effects and mains power or battery operated.