Founded in 1980 Alesis is a major player in the electronic music market. Alesis provide innovative and award winning products that gave beginners and recording artists the chance to afford professional studio products. We have a great selection of their digital equipment for sale, from Electronic Drum kits to Midi Keybaords you will find everything you need to record music. read more

The Alesis Multimix is an 8 channel mixer with effects and USB audio interface, with built in effects means it can double as a computer recording device allowing you to mix, record and do both at the same time if you need to. If you need extra samples, why not try the teied and tested Alesis SR16 Drum Machine – from songwriters to live performances this is one of the most popular drum machines on the market, with other 50 pre-set patterns it has become an essential part of music producers setup for a number of years now.

Our Alesis range doesn’t just include recording equipment; we also have electronic drum kits for sale. The Alesis Forge Electronic drum kit is the ultimate all in one kit for either brand new players that want a digital kit that will stand the test of time, or for more seasoned players that want an instrument for practice at home without annoying the neighbours.